The Importance of Tolerance

10 years after 9/11 it is important not only to remember the tragedy, but to reflect on what we so adamantly protect. American Freedom. Freedom to be whoever, whenever, whatever. Freedom of expression. Freedom of ALL religions, creeds, sex, nationality, and colors. Equality and beauty of people, whoever they are.

Muslim Americans are persecuted and judged and mocked for crimes they would never even dream of. A five year old girl or a fifty year old man can be mocked and criticized and chastised. A doctor, a school teacher, your neighbor or your friend are looked upon through a narrow glass of hate.

All for what? Because they have the face of unknown, scary, or threatening?
We need to remember what we are protecting. Our equal rights as American citizens. Believe in others as you believe in yourself.

Stand up for tolerance and peace.


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