There are Sand Beaches in Washington?

Stretch of Highway 101 in the Olympic Peninsula

Sometime after you start thinking, “God, how far do I have to drive?” it hits you. First, you smell it. Salty, wonderful and fresh. The ocean, spanning majestically beside you.

Highway 101 stretches through the Olympic Forest for miles. Winding between moss ridden trees, massive Spruce and Cedar, and along many beautiful river and streams colored by 3 Olympic Mountain Glaceirs. It is an experience unlike any other. Majestic rainforests and far open spaces. However, this was not what I was seeking. I needed the ocean.

You come to a point where the road follows the Pacific Ocean for 25-30 miles. It is the most continuous sand I have ever seen in Washington and many other places. Soon, grooves of trees sparsely begin to populate the coast. Then you come to massive rocks covered in trees along the shore and in the water. Forest glides along the coast and provides the most fantastic combination. Rainforest and beach. Trees and sand. Driftwood that the sea has crafted beyond the hand or heart of any man.

La Push


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