Peace, Love, and Hoh Rainforest

Trees holding hands

You know you’re in a temperate rainforest when your surrounded by Sitka spruce. Not only are these trees amazing to look at, tall and majestic, they form communities in the forest. The best example, well only example in North America, is the Hoh rainforest in the Olympic Peninsula.

In this picture 2 Spruce are providing nutrients from their own roots for a newly growing tree. Nurse trees are usually fallen logs but in this case Mommy and Daddy tree pushed up their roots to feed their baby tree. Ok, maybe I’m going a little overboard with the metaphor… but it is a great example of the tight nit bonds of an ecosystem.

It's not a cave, it's a tree

This is, indeed, the largest tree I have ever seen. In fact I could even say gargantuan. It is a Cedar that appears more like a cave than a tree. One of the most astounding and gorgeous trees I have ever seen. My Husband James standing in front of it is 6 feet tall to give you some perspective. The picture below is the inside of the tree.

Inside of a huge Cedar

The Hoh Rainforest easily has me saying “the most” about almost everything. However, in this case it is justified. This is the clearest stream I have ever seen! I wanted to put my face in it. That probably wouldn’t be a good idea though. Since it runs of a glacier I would probably say it was also the coldest stream I ever put my face in!

Beautiful stream with a mossy branch hanging over it

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