Humanity: A Sunny Disposition

Humanity: A Sunny Disposition

“Why do I do this to myself every time?”

Absentminded musing

Creeping mental

Eventually verbal



Yes, usually how it started.

Hung over

Dirty station wagon cut her off

“Idiot,” she fumed.

Proceeding to merge at 20 mph

Painfully in the way.

“Can’t even get there without running into them!”


People are nothing.



Raping the land while hoarding self worth.


I remember that attitude

Embraced myself easily

Trusting no one

Hating everyone


“Not today,” she sighed.


Wallowing through endless tasks.

Interacting with souls who have none to bear

“They mean nothing to me,” she said.

Gratitude underserved and politeness poorly spent.


Yet, I give them everything.


Which is better for her?

Trust, hurt, belonging.

Fear, ego, self-preservation.


Start everyday with this question.


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