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Comprehending Congress

There are times you have to wonder what congress is…really. A body of people whom manifest to serve the public and our constitution? Do they strive to better the American sense of confidence in government? And when do they do these things? And most importantly, when financial interests are peaked every 4 four years do they forget said job description?

The environment in WA DC has been, to say the least, hostile and immovable. For at least a full year, many members of the house and senate have blatantly turned their backs on all compromise. Flat out said they will not come to the table on even the most important issues. Our financial system being the most precarious issue to be stonewalled. In 2011 debt ceiling “negotiations” where an embarrassment. Even with a so called “super-team” republicans and democrats couldn’t agree or compromise on a single thing. To add insult to injury, congress went to break several times leaving “non-essential” services hanging in the balance. They continued to enjoy their salaries on a preverbal high horse while the federal government came within a hair of getting shut down 7 times in 2011.

Now we stand at the brink of another financial disaster. A financial cliff to place at America’s feet so that we may tremble in fear of falling. Oh please congress, will you pretty please do your jobs. Or the world as we know it might end. Well I’m done with being held out by my hair. Does the American public get to choose when it is convenient for them to do their jobs? When’s the last time you got away with avoiding a task because you didn’t agree with it? Maybe the last job you got fired from.

And that’s the point isn’t it? We need congress to do their jobs…right. Without influence from corporate, financial, or political campaigns. They need to put the American people first whether or not it is an elections year.

Now that congress seems to be moving toward a compromise and have regained some form of responsibility to Americans we can only hope things will move forward. It’s true that we can get people out of office during elections, however I believe that we should ensure the effectiveness of congress in a more concrete way. Laws or regulations that would ensure that both the house and the sentate are held accountable in a more tangible way. Wrangling Republicans and Democrats to pass a bill that would ensure such regulations seems an insurmountable task. Obama’s imposed punishment in an all or nothing approach seems to have spurred some action among house majority leaders. Perhaps we can rely on President Obama to lead congress in a more effective direction. Perhaps we need something else.


Revolution 101

Inspired. Not a word I have often used in the past while describing your typical, middle class American. But look what we have inspired! I am so proud of this movement that has gained world wide attention and support.

The Importance of Tolerance

10 years after 9/11 it is important not only to remember the tragedy, but to reflect on what we so adamantly protect. American Freedom. Freedom to be whoever, whenever, whatever. Freedom of expression. Freedom of ALL religions, creeds, sex, nationality, and colors. Equality and beauty of people, whoever they are.

Muslim Americans are persecuted and judged and mocked for crimes they would never even dream of. A five year old girl or a fifty year old man can be mocked and criticized and chastised. A doctor, a school teacher, your neighbor or your friend are looked upon through a narrow glass of hate.

All for what? Because they have the face of unknown, scary, or threatening?
We need to remember what we are protecting. Our equal rights as American citizens. Believe in others as you believe in yourself.

Stand up for tolerance and peace.