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Different tenors beckon me, each
day when I languish from my sheets.
Following a tone that I might part, from
a dream which I clutch tightly.
Reflections where we watch, our
trodden minds dancing into slumber.
Sound reasons that we, find
our shape with the light of day.
Propping up a wedge I know, there
are many tasks… neigh, obligations.
Gripping the twisted metal, I
try and remember the last I thirsted.

But why do I linger on, my
tingling myopic concerns.
Why not just leave them, to
grace one another in comatose.
Relieving my sense of a time, when
I could say I had found.
I had found her, this
I knew for certain.
With a glance and tousle, now
she slipped into the cold anemia.


Lives Past

This is the second version of a poem I wrote last year. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think!


Lives Past

Last Thunder of Midnight

Early Morning

Awake with weary wonder

Sift through dreams asunder

Hair of golden light

Gracious as days past

Tunic stripped

Winding desert road

Soul drawn bear

Beautiful bronze pale

Sweat dripping


Left wanting

Happy and unclean

Born free but bound tightly

Sitting quietly legs drawn

Sky fleeting forward

Red Beach Gazing

Small irregular findings

Leaving questions of conscious


Summer child tell us of your journeys

Who is this?

Daughter, Son, Unknown Kin

Who keeps Earth Moon blue

Sleep and hold thy sadness