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Technology Part 2

I am thinking about submitting this. This is a sort of rough draft. Any comments, constructive criticism, and feedback welcome!



1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Create new gmail???

I didn’t edit

Texting when angry

Furious war

Don’t tell me

Doesn’t matter

4. Delete contacts

did you delete mine?

do you have it still?

One sided argument

Keyboard broken

5. Find f key

Ctrl Alt Delete

The internet can’t hang up on me

But that doesn’t mean you’re listening

is it you?

are you there?

6. Check your facebook later



Walking slowly muddy water

Is a child and a daughter

Puddle drops and a luring cry

“Wave to mommy”

“Say bye-bye”

Sitting quietly legs drawn over

Sky drawn back and fleeting forward

“I gave you fair warning”

Not at all

You didn’t tell me

I would fall

Crawling through trees cautiously growing

Entangled in our knots gazing

Reflecting over long drawn lies

Blind fingers grope the rough edges of goodbye

Goodbye to my lonely

Good riddance my hate

Pressing iron in my chest

Torment follows deep unrest

Stomach burns for my ties

To my kin I say goodbye

When you’re young thoughts run wild

Soon you’re old

Wistful child

Tightening the rope that holds them in

Waiting for the light to shine in

Humanity: A Sunny Disposition

Humanity: A Sunny Disposition

“Why do I do this to myself every time?”

Absentminded musing

Creeping mental

Eventually verbal



Yes, usually how it started.

Hung over

Dirty station wagon cut her off

“Idiot,” she fumed.

Proceeding to merge at 20 mph

Painfully in the way.

“Can’t even get there without running into them!”


People are nothing.



Raping the land while hoarding self worth.


I remember that attitude

Embraced myself easily

Trusting no one

Hating everyone


“Not today,” she sighed.


Wallowing through endless tasks.

Interacting with souls who have none to bear

“They mean nothing to me,” she said.

Gratitude underserved and politeness poorly spent.


Yet, I give them everything.


Which is better for her?

Trust, hurt, belonging.

Fear, ego, self-preservation.


Start everyday with this question.


push delete

1 facebook

2 email

make another account??

never editing

focus and distraction

don’t tell me

doesn’t matter

3 lose your number

did you lose mine?

do you have it still?

digital retorts

one sided argument

4 text

raging symbols of anger

never understood

always stings

can’t hang up on me

but that doesn’t mean you’re listening

is it you?

are you there?

Family Ties

Remember me sister?

Blood was thicker than water


My face was shoved in the dirt

Tears slick dirt to mud

 Heart twisted with hurt

Lovely sister

I’ll forgive you a thousand times

When you show your bad side to me

But what am I supposed to do

When you turn your Back on me

Dear sister I admit

I was Angry and Betrayed

From Hurtful and Hateful ways

They have no effort or belonging

Leave me empty and longing

From you Dear sister

Blood is thicker than water

Only when pouring from my back

The Status Quo

My wash of longing and heartfelt sigh
Is met with more than a quick goodbye
Met with twisted expectations and wrought pleasures
That suffice the moment
And leave me wanting more

Day by day your holding on
To your own thoughts
Tightly gripping your own world
That refuses to mesh with mine

The years don’t mean much
More than a regretful moment
When two bodies refuse to meet
Deny ourselves of blissful twining
Collision of chaos and beauty and desperation
To have you