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Technology Part 2

I am thinking about submitting this. This is a sort of rough draft. Any comments, constructive criticism, and feedback welcome!



1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Create new gmail???

I didn’t edit

Texting when angry

Furious war

Don’t tell me

Doesn’t matter

4. Delete contacts

did you delete mine?

do you have it still?

One sided argument

Keyboard broken

5. Find f key

Ctrl Alt Delete

The internet can’t hang up on me

But that doesn’t mean you’re listening

is it you?

are you there?

6. Check your facebook later



Different tenors beckon me, each
day when I languish from my sheets.
Following a tone that I might part, from
a dream which I clutch tightly.
Reflections where we watch, our
trodden minds dancing into slumber.
Sound reasons that we, find
our shape with the light of day.
Propping up a wedge I know, there
are many tasks… neigh, obligations.
Gripping the twisted metal, I
try and remember the last I thirsted.

But why do I linger on, my
tingling myopic concerns.
Why not just leave them, to
grace one another in comatose.
Relieving my sense of a time, when
I could say I had found.
I had found her, this
I knew for certain.
With a glance and tousle, now
she slipped into the cold anemia.

My pen

While I write upon lonely lines

Eraser marks declare tomorrow’s lies

Saline moments suspended in time

Expressing the emotion I struggle to define

Scratch off lead on white paper

Asking me explain my labors

The way when I write

Script instinctively deciphers

Expression engulfed in

Tiny matters

Come challenge my pen

Loosely grip the piper

Follow my lead

Whispers to my ear verse

Sounding the remorse

The whole stack of papers will surely burn

Clench my chest as the pages turn

Spilling a stack neat with regret

Tell a story most soon forget

My finger skims a parting line

Conclusions astounding

Weighted in time


When I feel like trying something new

My mind falls too


Who will I tell this to

Creative bursts of lusty words

Falling through the back of my page

My hands twitch


Must find something too

Not a single page

Music finds me

Whittle off the edge

My favorite lyrics swimming through my head


Crowd out the rest

Reaching for a meaning

Cruelty and happiness

Head of the game

Put my damn words to shame

Try for a walk

Crisp wind and water tell me


Not my path to be



Awake through the night

Trembling thoughts of the day

My only solstice

In the dark which I lay


Today or tomorrow

Never find the words

For the darkness that must follow

Oblivious winding turns


The darkness keeps me happy

Far away from the light

But only for forgiveness

Do I seek the night


Dampen the light

So I may find the day

When I no longer fight

The sun’s revealing rays